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Impact Entertainment Showcases New and Upcoming Talent


It seemed that hundreds were packed in the small venue of The Vault in Orange, as The Impact Foundation readied for the start of their second Talent Showcase, featuring new emerging talent of every genre.

The show had kids of many ages, with all different talents; pouring out their abilities after training for three months with the Impact Foundation team. And boy, what talent these kids have!

All these kids are extremely talented and have something to prove in thier lives. Yet, this is no showboating contest, these are genuine kids that want to inspire and bring joy through their music. Some of these kids come from broken pasts, but have persevered with the help of Impact, and are finding themselves driving towards a brighter future.

For Brooklyn, NY native, Young Nore Ortiz, Impact has not only changed his life but has shaped him to the man he is today. "It has completely changed my life, I never thought I would have pursued my dreams in music had it not been for Impact. Music is my life and Impact is my life and when you put them together you don't lose."

"I love how they work on the character of the person, you know what I mean. I have become a better person because of Impact," says Marquis Pearson. When asked what it would be like to win the showcase Pearson says, "That would be the greatest thing I could do, I would be the perfect example for my family."

Impact's mission is of bettering the youth of the world through a new positive lifestyle and culture.

For the 30 kids that performed, one (or a group), is given the chance to begin a recording album with monetary backing of The Impact Foundation and may also have the opportunity to be signed to big named companies such as Interscope, Universal, Warner Bros, ROAR, and top producers in the music industry.

This was reality for three kids, who six months ago, started Impact Artist Development Program and today are recording an album and on their way to signing to a well-known recording studio under the group name Dafuture. For Isaiah Elizalde, Jazzy Mejia, and Evan Gonzales, their dreams of performing on the big stage are just a small step away.

"I don't know where I would be right now if it had never been for Impact", says Jazzy. "When my father got sick my dreams were crushed, but then I joined Impact and here I am."

Isaiah was picked on while at school and felt that he had nothing to show for in the world. "I never thought I would be performing in front of so many people, it's just crazy for me." For Evan it has been "just a wild ride."

For these three young artists of Dafuture, they feel that they have a message to spread to help inspire kids to push themselves to pursue their dreams. "That is our ultimate goal, we want people to take and learn from our stories and know anything is possible" says Jazzy.

When asked where this new and upcoming group would like to perform, the unanimous decision is Madison Square Garden. Keep a look out for Dafuture in the future as they may one day end up performing not only Madison Square Garden, but other venues around the nation

For more information on Dafuture visit their Facebook page. Check back at The Vault in a few months for another showcase of new and upcoming artist from Orange and Los Angeles County.